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I was trying to pass a AAA Agent Car who was weaving in and out of traffic because he was on his cell phone.Whether you are purchasing a new car or just looking for better coverage for your automobile, AAA Auto Insurance.Two other service stations (one being Nissan of Cary) told me it was the timing chain.We hope you never have to file an insurance claim, but if you do, count on AAA to work.Called in to use the card that I NEVER USE to tow our broken down vehicle.For Roadside Assistance, please contact our Roadside Assistance Department at: 1-800-AAA-HELP(222-4357) or online at.I was under the misguided belief that AAA and the tow truck company are aware that this paperwork must be completed by the person dropping the vehicle off.

Volunteer board members shall not be held liable or can not be sued when serving on a non profit Organization.Take a little time out, and select another company that offers the same products and really do care.I was sitting at a red light and someone not paying attention to what they were doing, and her rear end accident tore up my car which had only 38,000 miles and had been well maintained.Our family gave that Car Care Center thousands of dollars in business.Unfortunately, due to being slightly in distress, I do not recall the names of either of the two operators who fielded my calls.I reminded him of the discount and he gave it to me and also did not explain, about the automatic renewal and that is why I was given the discount.

California is a member club affiliated with the American Automobile Association.

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YOUR MEMBER NUMBER. AAA Northern New England is a member club affiliated with the American Automobile Association.I have always appreciated the understanding and ability to adapt policies as my coverage needs change throughout the year.

AAA provide a jump and informed us that the accelerator was overcharging the battery and showed us a very corroded and damaged battery.People will not call us back and just give us the run around.Who assumes the risk if this AAA agent gets into an accident.

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Every other house in our neighborhood has been fixed by ofcourse other companies.Not sure where AAA has gone wrong and I often give people the benefit of the doubt.

Membership Services 1-800-JOIN-AAA (1-800-564-6222) Monday-Thursday 8:30am-9pm Friday 8:30am-5pm Saturday 9am-1pm For Calls Outside of Eastern MA, RI, CT, NJ, and Salem NH 401-868-2000.I have to say we have been members for years and the best service I have ever recieved was this past week or so.Last year I was on the 55 with a flat for 2.5 hours after I called AAA.I even purchased my niece her first membership and I am delighted to know if any roadside emergency should occur, that she would be in safe hands.

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Original drivers claimed it was the alternator, or a short somewhere in my car.

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The AAA car care center took advantage of our young daughter.

I went to a AAA car care plus to see if I could get another rearview mirror for a 98 escort.

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When requesting the tow service I also requested gas to be delivered.Personally, I have always treated people as kindly and politely as I would like to be treated.Your ads state do not answer to this ad, go to, but there is no function there that can be easy to find.

I have been online for an hour trying to find the correct customer service number to no avail.It was a Sunday and I had broken down on a highway with a very high volume of traffic.Recently I requested a Trip Tik to Florida and found the new format was terrible.I called again one month later, and apparently the check was never issued.Please be sure to provide AAA with the correct phone number.One guy came outside to look at the damage, took my contact information and never called me back.Not aware it was not the same as Annual passes and in the iterim.

Unless you are a glutton for punishment, do NOT give AAA a dime.

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I plan to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau as well as any other consumer protection groups I can find.I am very much displeased with the lack of tolerance both of these operators exhibited.In April we placed a claim in which a storm hit our house and did substantial damage.We took a bit of time to call the AAA customer service number provided on the Contact Us page.Sorry for your luck but I would never bring my policies to your company.

On Monday, December 14, 2015 between 12:30pm and 1:30pm, the 2005 Ford Taurus, dives into the cement from a 10ft suspension lift.Not just there roadside assistance, but stay away from there their auto insurance policies, as well as their homeowners insurance as well.Contact a Department AAA Car Doctor 401-868-2000 ext 2121 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm Email AAA Car Doctor.Naturally, we have concerns regarding the diminished market value of the vehicle.About a month ago I bought a box of 90 39 gallon large garbage bags.Car was towed to a reputable mechanic who put the battery on a professional charger for 4 hours.We were going to the same state but extremely different locations within that state.Dispatcher was friendly and cordial, but also professional and arranged for a towing service promptly.

Most recently, August 23,2013, our daughter took her 2007 Yaris to the AAA Car Care Center in Wilmington to have the timing belt replaced.And even though the email said they would cover the renewal, I was told they will only cover a portion of the renewal.Aaa Auto Insurance California Customer Service Number, Toll Free Number, Email Id.I have to stop at the office on Sunrise Blvd as my cloth money belt has gone bad.

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