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Well, me and my husband are planning to buy a car and get insurance for our car.Location: Where you live makes a big difference when it comes to auto insurance.

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After reading through all the other stuff in here, I feel pretty good about my monthly bill considering my record hahaha.

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I had to get my own insurance at the age of 20 and at that point I had collected a speeding ticket, three moving violations, small fender bender,and an unrelated DUI.Personal profile: Insurance companies consider much more than your driving history when determining your premiums.I pay 4300 a year never had a DUI, had one speeding ticket two years ago and I finance my current car.Many credit cards also provide insurance if you pay for your rental.

If not, just start driving better and staying out of trouble.Do you use your car for. over optional or increased coverages and the price you pay for auto insurance.

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A few years ago, I was involved in an accident where a pedestrian was waved out into the road by the car in the other lane when the light was green for the cars and red for the pedestrian.

They took depositions from all the lead witnesses (including me), and assigned an insurance agent to handle the entire thing.Updated: September 2015. It could make a difference in how much you pay for car insurance.Any additional coverage options you choose will also raise your rate.Some states mandate only bodily injury and property damage liability insurance.

A deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance company covers you.Another great way to make sure you can pay your car insurance bills on time and with ease is by setting up your ideal payment.Last Updated: Jan. and our car insurance definitely dropped since for both auto combined with our house.Him 4 accidents, me none, but I have to pay DOUBLE what he does.Determining how much your auto insurance will, or should, cost is complicated.Learn how to buy stocks Roth IRA guide 401(k) rollover guide How much to save for retirement What is a brokerage account.

Get a car insurance quote online, or contact a local Farmers agent to learn about auto insurance coverage.My deductible is 500.00 dollars and we have WAWANESA, WAWANESA is only in Calif and Oregon.

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If all companies are quoting you high prices it means something is keeping them high like that but you have to ask them to figure out why.If you drive a pricier car, the higher vehicle value will mean a higher rate.

If you think pay as you go car insurance is unsuitable for you, there are other things you can do to make traditional car insurance more affordable.Insurance companies may also take into account factors such as gender, marital status and credit (where permitted).The insurance company says it would be cheaper if I would have had continously had car insurance in the pass.I always recommend comparing quotes from at least 3 places for sure.I pay 210 for 6 month liability(Geico) on my Toyota Matrix 2005.

How much do you pay for car insurance?. you are clinically insane if you do not select them for all your insurance. that go into car insurance.All Rights Reserved Terms of Use Privacy Policy Disclaimer: NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date.The requirements imposed by your state play a role in how much you pay.

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Oh, and it may be the only case where being a middle aged female is actually a good thing.I have an 06 GTO with 6.0L V8, an 85 camaro with a 400 hp 350, an 09 impala with a 5.3 V8. And my fiance is on my insurance she is 23 and I am 24.Car Rental Hidden Costs. check to see if your regular car insurance covers you in a.Then my new 17 year old teen got brand new car Subaru Forester financed. and it went to 1,900 a year for both new cars and new teen driver fully covered, all the other Insurance companies wanted 3000 a year. seriously who could afford that in this horrible Economy these days.Share 9 Tweet Pin 2 Email Shares 11 How much do you pay for car insurance.

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We then averaged the three lowest quotes, shown below, and also listed the range of prices offered in each state from the largest insurers.

How much insurance do you need for. (the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before coverage.Never came across that myself, but I know sometimes you can get a discount for having the amounts automatically deducted every month.

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