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AAA has always been good to me, whether the accident was my fault or not.I called AAA and they had someone come replace my battery within 15 minutes.I have only had to file a claim once ever, and Justin was all over it from the moment I got in touch with him.

Additional resources can also be found by following this link:.I ended up recording the at fault driver as he admitted being responsible for the accident.This should be against the law treatment like I am getting from them.They also do a good job of taking care of me when it is my fault as well.My back was hurt and my head started having terrible pressure.They are making me worse, health, ability to heal, ability to function.Last March, 2016, I backed into a light pole that was in my blind spot.My best experience with them was when I was in an accident that was no fault of my own (this was agreed upon by all parties and insurances involved).They have partnered up with many auto repair shops around the US in order to provide a quick tow truck where ever you go.

Insurance underwritten by Auto Club Insurance Association or MemberSelect Insurance Company.To enjoy customized local content, please enter your Zip Code below.I ran out of money, and I also got hit in a hit and run. and had no money to pay treatment or what to do.If at any time I have a problem, they are readily there to correct it.Triple AAA car insurance is offered by the Automobile Association of America, also known as Triple A and AAA.I have been using AAA for over 2 years now and its an amazing insurance.I signed up with AAA for our auto insurance and road side assistance.

They offered roadside assistance, which is imperative in my opinion.Within 2 weeks of my claim and another move(4 months after the accident) my vehicle was repaired.

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They were fast with my car accident claim, and I like the perks being an AAA member plus insurance.When it was determined that their insured was at fault they promptly paid out the full amount of my estimate done by a local repair shop.The application process did take a little longer than expected, but they were very clear about that length of time.

Not only did they reimburse me for the towing, but they also reimbursed my cost of the keys that I had to have made.They have great customer service and the one time I needed to file a claim they were very helpful and made the process simple and painless.

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I have been with AAA for car insurance for quite a few years.In addition, I learned AAA has a lot more coverage for accidents compared to other insurance companies.At that time insurance companies were notorious for this practice.See how much you can save with exclusive AAA member discounts on travel, shopping, entertainment,. insurance info and car buying help right to your inbox.They just cry amnesia and try to blame me instead of help me.AAA Insurance Agents For a insurance free quote, contact an experienced AAA Insurance agent near you.

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AAA wants to make your life easier, even when it comes to paying your bill.

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Our representative that we have used in our family for years is always courteous and helps us find new discounts each year.Today, one of the insurance professionals at AAA can assist you with a range of coverage options from auto, home and term life insurance to flood, RV, motorcycle.When someone rear-ended me, they were prompt with responding and assisted to make sure I had everything I needed.

Even the tone of voice when I spoke with her over the phone said it all.

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I understand that different states have different laws, but I should have been able to transfer my plan at least.Paid thousands of dollars in dues, on time, and was a very safe driver.

I have been a member for over 5 years and have never had a single reason to complain.I too am having a very bad experience with them for car insurance.I switched to AAA when I grew unhappy with my former insurance.

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I recommend this company for anyone who needs a car insurance.I did as they advised and kept quiet, not talking to anyone but the police.You have to prove you can get insurance on that specific home before you can get the loan.This happened after he admitted liability at the scene and on a subsequent phone call.Throughout the ordeal, the customer service we were given was excellent.Links, phone numbers and information for insurance payments and service.Every time I walk in there I am met with a helpful smiling face.I called them at around 3 and they were there with a tow truck around 4.

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